9 Awesome DIY Candy Buffet Favor Bags


We're no poets, but if we were then we'd write an ode to candy buffet favor bags. It would open like this "Oh noble candy bags, you are so pretty even though nobody notices you. With a sturdy bottom and stoic seams, you selflessly transport our candy from hither to wither so that we may be fat and happy."_x009d_

Okay, that's not a very good ode – but you get the point. When you're planning a candy buffet, it's important that you give your treat bags the attention they deserve. Not only do these oft-ignored disposable vessels have to be strong enough to lug a potentially lethal amount of sugar, they have to do it while staying true to the aesthetics of your party or wedding.

Lucky for you, we know our way around getting the candy for candy buffet perfection. And in our opinion, that gives us the authority to tell you what candy bags you should use as inspiration. So here are some of our favorites. They're cool, they're cost effective and you should totally steal them as inspiration for your wedding.

1. Tiffany Favor Bags

Credit: Wedding by Color

Credit: Wedding by Color

Okay, so these aren't "Official"_x009d_ Tiffany favor bags per se. However, you've got to praise bride LaRhonda's DIY savvy for picking up a few 12-packs of these mini shopping bags from the dollar store and repurposing them with blue ribbon and custom labels. They're the perfect size for a candy buffet and will look great if your wedding colors happen to include Tiffany Blue.

Check them out at Wedding by Color.

2. Chinese Takeout Boxes

Credit: Domestic Fits

Credit: Domestic Fits

When you need favor bags in a pinch, you can always rely on miniature Chinese takeout boxes. You can buy them cheaply everywhere and as Jackie from Domestic Fits demonstrates; it's pretty easy to customize the boxes with commissioned stickers or a simple paint job. Plus these things store, like, a lot of chocolate. We like to think that's important.

Check them out at Domestic Fits.

3. Printed Lunch Bags

Credit: Oh Happy Day

Credit: Oh Happy Day

All you need is a printer and some rudimentary design skills to turn a humble brown lunch sack into a cool candy buffet favor bag. These bags from Oh Happy Day are perfect for any low-key, vintage and/or hip receptions. Just keep in mind that prepping and printing a hundred or so of these bags is going to take a lot of time and ink, so you might want to take this project on as a team if you're planning a big wedding or party.

Get the full tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

4. Stamped Muslin Bags

Credit: Intimate Weddings

Credit: Intimate Weddings

If you're going with the vintage or classic candy buffet theme then it's clear to us that you need more muslin in your life – like these vintage DIY muslin favor bags from Intimate Weddings, for instance. These rough and rugged candy buffet treat bags will give your get-together that good old-timey feel for a pittance. They're also super easy to make (hint: you stamp them).

Check out the how-to at Intimate Weddings.

5. Snowflake Treat Bags

Credit: Martha Stewart

Credit: Martha Stewart

Will your guests be walking in a Winter Wonderland? Then warm their hearts with candy and hand out these Snowflake Treat Bags from Martha Stewart. Since these bags are made from scratch – you know how Martha rolls – producing a large quantity of them could be a day-long project. Free up your schedule accordingly.

Check out the tutorial at Martha Stewart.

6. Printable Milk Carton Goodie Boxes

Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

We cannot possibly think of any good reason why you would need milk carton-themed goodie boxes, but seriously you guys how cool are these things!? Kristen from Paper Crave made them as cookie carriers, but they'd also work perfectly as candy buffet favor bags at a 50's themed wedding or that weird lunch lady costume party you throw every year.

Get the printable at The Sweetest Occasion.

7. Washi Tape Treat Bags

Credit: Snap! Creativity

Add a really, really loud splash of color to your favor bags with washi tape. Seriously though, this project by Holly from Paisley Petal Events is straight-up inspirational. Just grab some plain white paper bags, doll them up with tape that matches your theme colors and set them out for your guests. If you want to go the extra mile you can also attach dressed-up clothes pins with custom labels to really impress your candy-goers.

Check out the tutorial at Snap! Creativity blog.

8. DIY Popcorn Boxes

Credit: Lavenders Blue Designs

Credit: Lavenders Blue Designs

Okay, so maybe you aren't serving popcorn at your candy buffet. That doesn't mean that you can't use popcorn boxes as treat bags. This is especially true if you use this cool template from Lavenders Blue Designs to print out your own boxes in your wedding colors. You could even add a pattern or a custom label to the template to make them really unique.

Learn how to make your candy buffet pop at Lavenders Blue Designs.

9. DIY Cardboard Favor Box

Credit: Jam and Toast

Credit: Jam and Toast

Love might be all you need to make your marriage work but if you want to make these cool favor boxes from Jam and Toast then you're going to need some cardboard and decorative ribbon as well. All jokes aside, these boxes are a really great way to keep costs low at your event. They're trendy and easy to make and we're almost confident that your guests will love them.

Get the printable template at Jam and Toast.

Do Yourself a Favor and & Go DIY

Listen, we both know that you could take the easy way out and order a bunch of candy buffet favor bags from Etsy – but where's the fun in that? It's nowhere, that's where. Be adventurous this year and save yourself some money by making your own favor bags for your candy buffet. It's easier than you think and the finished products will look just as cool as anything you could buy at a store.

As always, we'd love to see what you come up with! Post pictures of your DIY Candy Buffet Favor Bags in the comments section or on our Facebook page and we'll give you a shout-out. And make sure to stop by next week for even more candy tutorials, ideas and recipes.
Until Next Time,

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