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Wrigley's Inadvertent Journey into the Gum Business

It's surprising to note that Wrigley's iconic association with chewing gum wasn't intentional from the start. Originally, William Wrigley embarked on a venture selling soaps and an assortment of other products, with baking powder being a prominent item. To enhance sales, he cleverly offered two packs of chewing gum with each purchase of baking soda. An unforeseen twist occurred when it became evident that customers seemed more inclined towards the gum than the baking soda itself. Recognizing this consumer trend, Wrigley astutely pivoted the company's direction.

The transition marked the birth of iconic gums such as Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, and closely following, Doublemint. These brands anchored Wrigley for years, until the 70s ushered in an era of innovation, leading to the introduction of new flavors and sugar-free gums.

Wrigley's Expansion and Acquisition by Mars Corporation

While gum remains synonymous with the Wrigley brand, their prowess in the confectionery world extended to candy as well. Over the years, they introduced and became renowned for candy brands like Life Savers, Skittles, and Starburst. These additions bolstered Wrigley's reputation, making them a formidable name in the candy industry.

With the passage of time, Wrigley's strategic acquisitions further solidified its market position. However, the tables turned when Wrigley itself was acquired. This transformative moment saw Wrigley becoming part of Mars Corporation, propelling it into the elite league of the world's largest sugar free candy companies.