12 Easter Crafts & Recipes that Prove Easter is the Best DIY Holiday

Easter is the best holiday for crafts and DIY recipes

It's a bold claim for any holiday to say it's the best. Holidays are good for different types of celebrations. Big gift givers, costume lovers and heavy drinkers probably have different favorite holidays. Let me say this. If you like cute DIY recipes and crafts, Easter has no equal. The proof lies below in these amazing 12 Easter DIY crafts and recipes.

Are you ready for that big famous bunny to hop into town? Make sure you are with these top Easter decorations, recipes, and more!

Cottontail Garland

This decoration is super cute and could look amazing for Easter or in a baby girl or boy's room depending on the color tail. You'll need some twine, rigid white paper, and pastel colored yarn to make the cotton tails on these little bunnies. String them up as a garland like this crafter has done or skip the string and use them individually as place cards on the dinner table for Easter dinner. Whatever you do, you should hop to it and try this adorable Easter craft!

Bunny Berries

Berries aren't quite in season at the end of March, but they always are in California! Your grocery store should have some ripe red berries to use and then all you'll need to do is track down some bunny shaped cookies to use as toppers. These little bunny bites are delicious and a semi healthy alternative to heavier sweets (if you use a light whipped cream inside instead of a heavy cheesecake filling). It's something the Cadbury Bunny might even approve of.

Egg Basket Bouquet

Easter eggs are lovely, but what do you do with them once the kids are done hunting for them? This Easter egg bouquet is a perfect solution to give your beautiful Easter eggs more time to show off their glorious shells on that special Sunday. Pick whatever flowers you love most and fill a clear vase with them. Then, carefully drop your Easter eggs into the water so that they don't crack. Put them in the center of the table or on the mantel and enjoy for the evening. Just don't leave them there more than a couple days because they could get stinky! Here's a tip: Use plastic eggs for a style that won't spoil.

Pretty Pastels

These springy treats are Easter-worthy because of their pretty pastel palette. Plus, they evoke the springtime season that's about to bloom. Made on top of pretzels, these are the perfect dose of salty and sweet. Pick some pastel hard shell candies like chocolate gems, fruit raisins, or jordan almonds you love most and then use frosting to join them all together. Set them up in a giant flower design like this or even use some to decorate the top of a cake.

Bunny Rings

Place settings are a great thing to customize depending on the occasion. For Easter, these rabbit napkin rings will do the trick! The tutorial below has directions on how you can cut these felt bunny ears out quickly, but as always, feel free to use the colors and patterns you love most. If you're feeling even more creative, you could attempt to make chick shaped napkin ring holders too to add some variety to your place settings. Stretch these even further by using them to wrap up skinny gifts or tubes of Easter candy.

Bunny napkin rings


Lamb Cake

This cake only has some simple decorative tweaks that make it spring and Easter friendly. It's just so adorable, we're not sure you'll want to cut into it! Make a cake you love most, frost it with white icing, then use a pink jelly bean for the nose, black decorating icing for the eyes and mouth, and marshmallows for the lamb's soft and curly wool. Something like this also would fit in swimmingly at a baby shower or for a birthday party of a young boy or girl. It's just too cute not to try this season.

Lamb Cake


Pretzel Bunnies And Chicks

We have another salty-sweet recipe for you: these rabbit and chick pretzel bites! Using icing, pretzels, and some fine tipped icing decorating tubes, you can achieve this look for your own Easter dessert. Once you're done making these, wrap them up in a little goody bag for family and friends to take home, add a handful to Easter baskets, or set them out on a platter for everyone to admire before they are devoured.

Carrot Centerpiece

A lot of what you've seen is super cute, but this particular centerpiece is insanely sophisticated. Bringing in the Easter Bunny theme with the carrots and springy flowers, it's a much more mature and chic floral arrangement that you can try if you're having an adult get together. It'll require a little dexterity to achieve this look, but follow the link's tutorial and you'll be good to go.

Easter Centerpiece


Bird's Nests Clusters

These look so life-like and beautiful and bring in the fresh springy feel of Easter. You can chop pretzel sticks in half for these nests and douse them in chocolate or make a traditional puppy chow recipe and just skip the powdered sugar. Then, use some chocolate eggs in the center to complete the bird's nest look and you'll have a divinely delicious and gorgeous Easter dessert.

Bunny Juice Box Wrappers

Your little honey bunnies might be at the kid's table this holiday. Give them something to smile about by dressing up their juice boxes with cute little bunnies! You can do these all ahead of time or have the kids make them themselves before dinner to keep busy. Just make sure you take a photo or two before they dig in so you can remember the cuteness of your Easter feast.

“Carrot Cake” Cups

There aren't any carrots in this recipe, but it sure does look like something the Easter Bunny would like to munch on. If you've ever made death by chocolate or ghosts in the graveyard, then this recipe will probably look pretty similar to you. With pudding and Oreos that look like dirt and orange frosted strawberries, you'll have a thematic Easter treat whipped up in no time. We love the fact that these are individual sized too, so everyone can have their own and keep portion size in check!

Bunny Cupcakes

Hippity hoppity doesn't get old on Easter. That's why we're featuring these cute bunny ear cupcakes. Again, these are a pretty simple treat you can make at home since the work is in the details. Use the recipe from this blogger or make your favorite. You can also use chocolate frosting for a brown bunny cupcake or keep to the bright white if you prefer. Keep the liners simple or give them a funky and colorful vibe to make your dessert table stand out.

Deviled Chicks

Deviled eggs are one of those things that grace most Easter appetizer tables. They echo the decorated Easter eggs and bring in the feeling of spring and new life. These have the same recipe, but they're just constructed differently! Cut the tops off of egg whites carefully in a jagged pattern to look like a broken egg. Then when you pipe the yolk back in after mixing in other ingredients, make sure it overflows a bit at the top so you can add a couple capers for eyes and a carrot triangle for a beak and make these little chicks come to life!

Easter Egg Wreath

Have a bunch of plastic eggs you want to do something with instead of hiding them for a hunt? This Easter egg wreath is so charming and cheerful and it's an easy craft you can try. Buy a few bags of plastic easter eggs, a foam wreath circle, and get your hot glue ready. If you want to do something different than an Easter basket, you could fill these eggs with treats and give them away to friends and family to open and enjoy too!

Easter egg wreath


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