Want to Make Adorable and Cheap Stocking Stuffers? Buy in Bulk!

Stocking Stuffers with Bulk Candy

We're gonna let you in on a little secret: buying candy in bulk can save you a ton of money! This is handy to keep in mind around the holidays with all of the baking, gift-giving, and sweet tooth indulging. So whether you have a handful of grandkids to shop for, a big secret Santa coming up, or a large brood of your own, save big this Christmas with bulk candy and wow the little ones with these cheap—and adorable—stocking stuffer DIYs.

Christmas in a Bottle

Bottle up your love this Christmas with this charming soda bottle DIY. We love how this crafter made a six pack of sweets, but this isn't necessary for Christmas stockings. Instead, make one bottle for each stocking, and then nestle it in between softer goodies and sweets so the glass bottle is safe. Better yet, use plastic to make these more child-friendly.

Any sweet that fits into a bottle is fair game for this stocking stuffer idea. However, stick with red, green, gold, silver, and white to make it more thematic. Here are some candies we recommend:

You can also use the helpful "Shop by Color" tool on CandyStore.com to find every flavor, texture, and color candy under the sun. That's a great place to start if you're unsure of what you want, but know the colors you need.

Santa's Helpers M&M Jars

The elves are busy this time of year getting ready for Santa's big day! Make the kiddos excited to open stockings when you tuck one of these elf mason jars inside.

Get this look by shopping for these bulk candies and supplies:

Christmas Candy Kit

This candy kit uses a jewelry tray to smartly separate candy. The theme of this one is a gingerbread cookie kit, but you could also just do a general Christmas candy kit for your kids to enjoy.

Here's your shopping list:

Rudolf Candy Jars

Light up your Christmas stockings with these Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer candy mason jars! It's another craft/present that proves just how versatile mason jars are. As long as you stick within the red and brown color palette, you're free to choose whatever candies you love best.

DIY stocking stuffer reindeer candy jars for Christmas


To make these, here's what you'll need to shop for:

Mrs. Claus's Kisses

You can buy classic Hershey's Kisses, or holiday versions with red or green foil. Then, use red and white striped cardboard candy boxes or the candy bags featured below to complete the look!

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas with Hershey's kisses

If you're dead set on the santa hats, get out your food safe paints and get busy. However, we think a thematic candy box will do enough to make this stocking stuffer Santa themed.

Chilly Pills

Depending on where you live, it could be pretty chilly on Christmas! Even if it's not, you can celebrate the snowman with this thematic stocking stuffer. Here's a tip: Use Frosty the Snowman to make these even more special.

The ingredients are pretty darn affordable for this cute stocking stuffer. You'll just need to buy:

Christmas Piñatas

These are like tiny Christmas piñatas! We love them and know your kids will too on Christmas morning. The best part about these stocking stuffers is that they're really cheap and easy to make. Plus, you can customize the candy and shapes to fit your tastes.

Whatever candy you choose, make sure it'll fit inside the stockings, santa hats, reindeer, snowflakes, and whatever other shapes you create! Here's a shopping list to help you get these stocking stuffers done in no time.

  • Red Sewing Thread
  • Brown Paper
  • Brother Sewing Machine. You can also hand sew if you don't have a machine on-hand!
  • Bulk Candy. Keep candy small, so it all fits inside! Choose from flavors the kids love.

Grinch Pills

We doubt that anyone will have a reason to be grumpy on Christmas, but in the off-chance they are, cheer them up with these Grinch pills! In reality, these are just green M&Ms, wrapped up in a Grinch-themed wrapper. But they're super quick and easy to make. Plus, they're cheap, which is why they made this list!

Aside from cellophane candy bags, you'll just need to buy green M&Ms (or another green candy of your choice), and print a picture of the Grinch and complementary poem. You can also get Grinch stickers to make your stocking stuffer craft that much speedier.

Candy Cane Hearts

Candy canes are everywhere during the holidays, but not like this! Make your kids feel like these candy cane heart pops came right from the North Pole by following the tutorial below.

Want to recreate this look or use it for a fun party favor at a Christmas party? Here's your shopping list:

Christmas Candy Coins

With all the money you save on bulk candy, you can afford to give some back in your stocking stuffers! Quarters comes in $10 rolls, but you can also choose dimes and nickels if you have little kids. When wrapped up in these DIY candy wrappers, they're perfect for stocking stuffers and growing piggy banks.

This holiday, don't just throw a bunch of random candy into a stocking and call it a day—and definitely don't waste money buying it one piece at a time from the store. Instead, use some of these tips above to achieve a unique and incredibly special look for Christmas. Who knows, if you keep this up, the stockings might be more exciting than what's under the tree!

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